Traveller's Peace
Duncan & Amos

"The inception of Traveller's Peace was a series of improvised, ‘off the cuff’ guitar pieces recorded on an old Panasonic cassette recorder in December 2021. These recordings were made in my home and garden in Durban, South Africa and the sounds of the indigenous insects, birds and rain picked up in these recordings can be heard scattered throughout the album.  read more...


Track Listing
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Track Title Length
1 Joy of a Summers Night 3:16
2 The Bone Flute of Ankou 1:12
3 Legally Dead at the Todd Mercantile [T.T. Walker] 1:13
4 Sussurations 1:37
5 Lost In the Kingdom of Lothric 6:43
6 The Troubadours' Error 0:36
7 Traveller's Song 2:17
8 Witches' Dance 1:38
9 Music Keeps You Young 1:10
10 As the Stones Roll 4:32
11 And Am I Born to Die? 1:28
12 A Gentle Death Knell
(Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State)
13 Traveller's Peace 11:14
14 Sun is Rising 2:59
Total: 40:55