Traveller’s Peace
Released on 15 July 2023 by Aural Canyon

"The inception of Traveller's Peace was a series of improvised, ‘off the cuff’ guitar pieces recorded on an old Panasonic cassette recorder in December 2021.  read more...

In the Floodplain of Dreams
Released by Ramble Records on 22 July 2022.

Limited edition CD available from Ramble Records and also directly from Bandcamp.

Duncan Park – guitars, effects, percussion, vocals, banjo. Chiro Park – didgeridoo. Mastered by Cam Lofstrand. Photography by Everything Volatile. Design by Cam Lofstrand.

Invoking the Flood

Limited edition CD available from Ramble Records on January 28, 2022. Also available directly from Bandcamp.

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Duncan Park. Mastered by Tim Harbour. Artwork by Duncan Park. Design by Cameron Lofstrand.

In the Garden of Forking Paths
Released on August 13, 2021

"I leave to various future times, but not all, my garden of forking paths." — Jorge Luis Borges

Mastered by Tim Harbour. Artwork by Duncan Park.

Umbilo Primitive
Released on December 4, 2020

This album was made using a 6 string guitar, 12 string guitar, banjo, kalimba, orbaphone, and a garden full of chirping birds and insects. Mastered by Cameron Lofstrand. Artwork by William Randles.

The recording of the album was filmed and can be viewed on YouTube.

The Peasants' Revolt
Released on September 25, 2019

The album is named after Govan Mbeki's book of the same title which you should read. Especially if you're South African (and also if you're not.) Artwork by William Randles who also named the song "Behold! The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Cloaked In Sun".

After the Earth Has Burned
Released on December 15, 2017

Cover art by R. Gilbert

Corpse Roads EP
Released on October 26, 2017

An October album. This is a collection of songs exploring ideas and personal experiences relating to loss, grief, death and ghosts. It was written and recorded on the veranda outside my house in Carrington Heights, Durban on the evening of Monday the 23rd of October 2017.

Cover art is by Fritz Silver Hauer, taken from a 1924 edition of the book "Der Tor Und Der Tod" by Hugo Von Hammansthal. English translations of the book carry the title "The Fool and Death", but the actual translation means "The Gate and Death".